ISBN-13: 978-0692986479

ISBN-10: 0692986472

Redneck Press

"Hurry up, get your ticket! It's opening day at Fenway. There's rain in the forecast. And mud. And smoke. Beer and pills. Exes and troubled husbands and wives—all of them crammed in the cheap seats of these stories desperate for something to cheer. Graziano—part Charles Bukowski, part Sherrie Flick, with a burning madness all his own—shows us a whiskey-stained loneliness, a possum wit, the heart in all our hearts waiting: for something to dazzle, for something beautiful, something to wake us into our lives.


Matthew Guenette, author of Vasectomania and American Busboy


"In Nathan Graziano's new collection, Almost Christmas, "there's not much in the name of foreplay." These are honest, stark stories, flecked with a dark humor to be sure, but they have no need for fluff or traditional resolution. You'll understand early "this isn't going to end well" for these people who have "arrived at a dangerous place where apathy performed amputations." Graziano's ruthless eye creates a world of people floating in an ether of self loathing and despair—people incapable of any true realizations. They may be able to tell you how they got here, but they have no idea how to escape."


Lindsay Wilson, author of No Elegies and the Poet Laureate of Reno

 Paperback and Kindle Edition

"Graziano is a master of that which startles yet succeeds the way nothing familiar can, as when he writes that the chicken fingers and fries in a kid's meal sit on her plate 'like dead relatives in lawn chairs.' But it's lines like 'Beautiful women kill me and now I'm dead' that make me stand tall, make me proud to be an American poet."


                                                                             -David Kirby, author of The House on Boulevard St.


"If Keats is right about that whole truth and beauty thing, [Teaching Metaphors] is the most beautiful book about high school you'll ever read. Graziano's poems capture the experience of high school, especially the uneasy coexistence of the pain of being young and the pain of growing old, with clarity, grace, and heart. Teaching Metaphors is a powerful collection that should be read by anyone who has ever worked in or attended an American high school."


                                                                                        -Brendan Halpin, author of Donorboy


After the Honeymoon is a fine addition to this young poet’s body of work. Simple thoughts, simply written, deeply felt meditations on everyday life, and the ability to write locally with universal themes; if Manchester ever is looking for an official city poet, I will be the first to nominate Graziano.”

                                                                                        -The Hippo


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