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Fly Like The Seagull
ISBN: 978-1-952411-05-2

LCCN: 2020935485

Luchador Press

The fictional town of Northboro is estranged from its faith; the relationships are fraught with infidelities; and art has been relegated to a topical afterthought. Its denizens desperately need a new mythology, an unlikely angel—a polymorph with “a bald dome and inky black hair pulled into a tight ponytail.”


Enter The Seagull.


As Nate balks at writing his next book, The Seagull appears in his life, stealing his fiancée and leaving Nate despondent and alone with his work. Finally inspired, Nate creates a cast of hapless characters who are bullied, lonely, ill, divorced, and aching for a savior. While Nate works his way through his book, fiction and psychology and reality converge, and Nate finds himself in need of The Seagull to save him as well.

“Nathan Graziano’s Fly Like The Seagull is one of the funniest things I’ve read in years. All at once bizarre, non-judgemental, and strangely tender; whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all known someone like The Seagull. Maybe we’ve been him, flapping our wings with a few well placed karate kicks in front of the mirror after a tough day at work. One thing is certain though, like Steven Seagal himself, this book is an instant American classic. It is a privilege to have gotten a sneak peek.”

John Dorsey, author of Your Daughter’s Country

There is now an audio book of Fly Like The Seagull read by Thaddeus Kraus that you can access for free.

"Graziano is a master of that which startles yet succeeds the way nothing familiar can, as when he writes that the chicken fingers and fries in a kid's meal sit on her plate 'like dead relatives in lawn chairs.' But it's lines like 'Beautiful women kill me and now I'm dead' that make me stand tall, make me proud to be an American poet."


                                                                             -David Kirby, author of The House on Boulevard St.


"If Keats is right about that whole truth and beauty thing, [Teaching Metaphors] is the most beautiful book about high school you'll ever read. Graziano's poems capture the experience of high school, especially the uneasy coexistence of the pain of being young and the pain of growing old, with clarity, grace, and heart. Teaching Metaphors is a powerful collection that should be read by anyone who has ever worked in or attended an American high school."


                                                                                        -Brendan Halpin, author of Donorboy


After the Honeymoon is a fine addition to this young poet’s body of work. Simple thoughts, simply written, deeply felt meditations on everyday life, and the ability to write locally with universal themes; if Manchester ever is looking for an official city poet, I will be the first to nominate Graziano.”

                                                                                        -The Hippo


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