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When someone asks me what I do for a living, I answer honestly: I teach high school. I feel no need to puff out my chest and bluster about being "a writer." I started writing seriously in my early-20s, and like a trained monkey, I've kept at it. Other than listing the books that I've written, which are all here, that's about all there is to say about me as a writer. I will never talk to you about Thomas Pynchon, Wallace Stevens or David Foster Wallace (they confuse me); nor will I scratch my chin or touch my face in a bio photo.


I live in Manchester, New Hampshire, with my wife and children. However, I'm a Rhode Island-native, so I reserve the right to not pronounce my R's.

I write a column for Manchester Ink Link that you can read here. I was recently named The New Hampshire Press Associations's 2020 Columnist of the Year for the aforementioned scribbles. I remain an avid robot-dancer while continuing my training to be a competitive dead-lifter. 

Here's an interview with yours truly at Drunk Monkeys. 

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